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Peruvian Opal Tear Drops with Swarovski Crystal $120.00 (Tin Cup Necklaces)
I have always had an affinity towards blue chalcedony. At one of the gem shows I attended, I came upon these lovely gems which are called Peruvian Opals or Green Chalcedony. The cut of the stones has a translucent nature. Mixed with the Swarovski diamond shape crystals, this necklace is both elegant and subtle. I used a silver toggle clasp to finish it off.

Copper-Lined Glass Bead $75.00 (Single Strand Necklaces)
This was inspired by the multi-strand version of the copper-lined glass bead necklace. The irridescent nature of this glass bead, as well as the copper lining, add a hint of color and dazzle. I used a small glass bead inbetween each of the copper lined beads and a vermeil toggle clasp.

Black Seed Bead & CZ $140.00 (Pendant Necklaces)
These tiny black seed beads are called "Charlotte seed beads." A surface has been cut into these beads to make it reflect light and sparkle a bit. I have no idea where the name Charlotte for this bead was derived. The CZ pendant with these beads makes for one sparkling necklace!

Carnelian with Flower $150.00 (Pendant Necklaces)
My mom wanted a necklace that incorporated the latest pendant craze. I found these red stone pendants and combined them with faceted carnelian rondels. The silver chain is exquisite in detail. I wire-wrapped the Carnelian rondels and finished the piece off with fancy bali bead caps.

Pearl & Lemon Topaz Drop $190.00 (Pendant Necklaces)
I created this necklace for someone who was getting married. She wanted something dramatic that plunged down her neckline because she had a very basic dress. The beige pearls are highlight by the wire-wrapped gold-filled chain. The focal point of this piece, of course, is the lemon topaz drop. The tear drop swirls to add a bit of brilliance to this already fabulous necklace. For an added flair, and for those who are more daring, sweep the lemon tear drop to the back of your dress!

Swarovski Vitriol Crystal & Labradorite $120.00 (Pendant Necklaces)
This should be called the Houdini necklace. Everytime I wear this piece, people think that it is wrapped around my neck like a choker. However, this is actually one tin cup necklace that is two pieces attached to a silver toggle clasp - a choker of Swarovski vitriol diamond shape crystals and and a longer part (also made of crystals) which incorporates the labradorite pendant. You put it on, just like you would any other necklace, and get ready to dazzle!

Zig Zag Pearls & Flower $100.00 (Pendant Necklaces)
This pendant piece has a mixture of two kinds of abalone. The small flower is wire-wrapped with a Swarovski diamond-shape crystal. The zig zag pearls add a type of texture to this necklace and accentuate the abalone beautifully. The necklace is closed off by a silver toggle clasp. This necklace can be worn with jeans, as easily as it can be worn with a fancy dress.

Geometric Double Pearl $130.00 (Bracelets)
This is a stunning, dramatic piece of pearl jewelry. If you have no patience with the traditional princess strand of pearls, you will love this bold geometric bracelet. I interspersed the unique, double-drilled diamond-shaped pearls with smaller round pearls -- top and bottom. The effect is like no other bracelet I've seen. While certainly dramatic, this is a very versatile piece of jewelry. You'll love it!

Personalized Bali Beads & Hearts $130.00 (Bracelets)
These bracelets can be personalized for any name you want. This is another take on the old ID bracelets or baby bracelets with your child's name on it.

The "silver name" is surrounded by silver flower bali beads, heart charms, and oblong bali beads.

This is a perfect gift for a brand new mom or any mother in your life.

Swarovski Crystal Button from $180.00 (Bracelets)
The Swarovski Crystal Button Bracelet was born from an image I had in my head, but couldn't find the necessary materials. So, I ended up having to make everything myself. These bracelets are labor-intensive, but absolute show-stoppers. Whenever I wear one of these, I am always stopped. All the Swarovski Crystal button bracelets have a silver clasp except for the multi-colored one, which has a vermeil clasp.

Angel Charm Necklace $27.50 (for Children)
This is a simple, but elegant design. I used seed beads and accentuated the charm with 4mm crystals. This necklace is for girls young and old.

It can be special ordered in other colors not mentioned here.

Mother/Daughter Charms $75.00 (for Children)
I love these charms because it gave my daughter and I something special for the two of us to share. These are similar to the "best friends" necklaces. I tried to make these a little more elegant, for the mom involved, by using pearls instead of seed beads. The charms themselves are highlighted with Swarovski crystals. This is two necklaces for the price of one. Get 'em while they last!

Teddy Bear Charm Necklace $27.50 (for Children)
This is a simple, but elegant design. I used seed beads and accentuated the charm with 4mm crystals. This necklace is for girls young and old.

It can be special ordered in other colors not mentioned here.

Brown Pearl $20.00 (Earrings)
This is an earring that can be worn everyday. I wire-wrapped a pearl on a silver eurowire for a classic look. Price quoted is for the pair.

Square Hoops & Gold Dangles $60.00 (Earrings)
These earrings are for those individuals who like to wear both gold and silver. I have many friends who "mix and match" and these earrings are a perfect compliment to any outfit.

Swarovski Crystal Button Drop $40.00 (Earrings)
These earrings match the light vitriol button bracelet and necklace. These can be worn for a night on the town or a day at the office. Either way, your ears will sparkle and shine!

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