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Carnelian & Gold Dangles $100.00 (Tin Cup Necklaces)
There are so many different colors to this cut of Carnelian, in addition to the orange hue. It gives off brown tones, as well as subtle reds and beige. The versatility of this necklace is endless when combined with the vermeil dangles and toggle clasp.

Pietersite Tear Drop & Bali Beads $80.00 (Tin Cup Necklaces)
I love the combination of the pietersite (although I have no idea how to pronounce the name properly) with the two different kinds of vermeil bali beads. This stone has all kinds of flecks of color - brown, beige, red, green and even blue - and possesses a quality that is indescribable. I matched this with a vermeil toggle clasp.

Turquoise Tear Drop & Gold $130.00 (Tin Cup Necklaces)
I have always loved the color blue, but I don't always like the blue that is found in turquoise. When I found this unique cut of tear drop turquoise, the first thing that struck my eye was the magnificent blue. I know a lot of designers use silver with turquoise, but this necklace with the brushed gold balls will make a statement the moment you walk in a room! I used a vermeil toggle clasp as a finishing touch.

Gold Pearl & Semi-Precious Stones $95.00 (Single Strand Necklaces)
This necklace is similar to the gold pearl and tourmaline; however, I realized that not everyone is as in love with tourmaline as I am. So I used amethyst, peridot, clear quartz, and garnet with a vermeil toggle clasp. And, like the gold pearl and tourmaline, this can also be worn around your wrist as a bracelet.

Gold Pearl & Tourmaline $110.00 (Single Strand Necklaces)
When I first became a jewelry designer, this was one of the first necklaces I made. I mixed gold pearls with pieces of tourmaline and combined all this with a vermeil toggle clasp. Then I presented the finished product to my mother as a holiday gift. A customer liked this necklace so much that she also started wearing it as a bracelet.

Pearl & Bali Beads with Gold-Filled Rondels $155.00 (Single Strand Necklaces)
This necklace has a very conservative look to it, but it can also be worn with evening attire. The flower bali beads are strung together and accentuated by pearls that are surrounded by a gold-filled rondel. This is another necklace that is hard to keep in stock.

Turquoise & Gold-Filled Beads $75.00 (Single Strand Necklaces)
I made this necklace because a friend of mine is really into turquoise and gold and she told me she always found turquoise with silver and not gold. She settled for the next best thing - gold-filled beads and a vermeil toggle clasp. I liked the effect so much that I kept it as part of my collection and found others appreciate the gold mixed with turquoise as well.

Gold-Filled Beads & Silver Bali Beads $175.00 (Multi-Strand Necklaces)
I especially like this necklace because I can wear it with silver and gold and not have to commit to one or the other. I used gold-filled beads and silver bali beads with a triple-strand clasp. This also has a matching bracelet.

Square Hoops & Gold Dangles $60.00 (Earrings)
These earrings are for those individuals who like to wear both gold and silver. I have many friends who "mix and match" and these earrings are a perfect compliment to any outfit.

Swarovski Crystal Cube Post $30.00 (Earrings)
I have a lot of women tell me they don't like things hanging off their ears. Here is the answer to that problem - a beautiful cube crystal on a silver post. The cut of the crystal gives a prism-like effect giving off a rainbow of colors. These are 6mm in size.

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