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Swarovski Cube Crystal from $70.00 (Tin Cup Necklaces)
This necklace is perfect for everyday wear, yet takes on a whole other look when worn with evening attire. The different colors this necklace takes on due to the Swarovski crystal cube's AB (aurea borealis) coating will astound you.

Pearl & Swarovski Crystal Cube Dangle $90.00 (Lariat Necklaces)
I love this lariat because it can be worn as a choker with the dangle hanging very low or it can be worn wide with less of a dangle. Its components make it sparkle like crazy! It has pearls, Swarovski crystals with the AB coating, flat bali beads, and then a descending dangle of a round Swarovski crystal leading to a clear Swarovski AB cube crystal. New: Now available in green pearls!

Copper-Lined Glass Bead $75.00 (Single Strand Necklaces)
This was inspired by the multi-strand version of the copper-lined glass bead necklace. The irridescent nature of this glass bead, as well as the copper lining, add a hint of color and dazzle. I used a small glass bead inbetween each of the copper lined beads and a vermeil toggle clasp.

Swarovski Cube Crystal & Rhinestone Rondels $240.00 (Single Strand Necklaces)
I made this necklace for myself for my step-sister's wedding. I had a plain black dress that had tiny rhinestone straps. I used 10mm clear Swarovski crystal cubes with the AB coating (rainbow effect) and put two rhinestone rondels in between the Swarovski crystals. The effect was delicious and very popular at the wedding.

Swarovski Vitriol Crystal & Cube Pendant $75.00 (Single Strand Necklaces)
I have sold so many of these necklaces right off my neck! The 4mm Swarovski vitriol diamond shaped crystal is mixed with flower shaped bali beads and a silver heart-shaped lobster clasp. The crowning glory to this necklace is the center Swarovski vitirol cube surrounded by bali beads.

Copper-Lined Glass Bead $145.00 (Multi-Strand Necklaces)
The copper lining of these bead adds a hint of color and dazzle. I used a clear irridescent bead inbetween each of the copper-lined beads. I liked it so much that, by accident, I made it extremely long. Trying to work with my mistake, I doubled it and, voila, another necklace was born. This has a beautiful vermeil clasp with semi-precious stones.

Swarovski Crystal Cube & Bali Bead $30.00 (Earrings)
This is my most popular earring. The post is very unique and the 10mm clear Swarovski crystal AB cube adds a certain sparkle to your ears.

Swarovski Crystal Cube Post $30.00 (Earrings)
I have a lot of women tell me they don't like things hanging off their ears. Here is the answer to that problem - a beautiful cube crystal on a silver post. The cut of the crystal gives a prism-like effect giving off a rainbow of colors. These are 6mm in size.

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