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Peruvian Opal Tear Drops with Swarovski Crystal $120.00 (Tin Cup Necklaces)
I have always had an affinity towards blue chalcedony. At one of the gem shows I attended, I came upon these lovely gems which are called Peruvian Opals or Green Chalcedony. The cut of the stones has a translucent nature. Mixed with the Swarovski diamond shape crystals, this necklace is both elegant and subtle. I used a silver toggle clasp to finish it off.

Multi-Colored Pearls & Turquoise Flower $130.00 (Pendant Necklaces)
Given my affinity towards faceted pearls, I fell in love with the extreme variety of these. This strand exhibits colors of brown, gray, white, and green. I mixed a turquoise stone pendant with Swarovski clear crystal rondels and a silver toggle clasp as finishing touches. This piece is sophisticated yet playful!

Peruvian Opal w/ Leather $75.00 (Pendant Necklaces)
The accent on this leather cord necklace is, of course, the peruvian opal (also known as green chalcedony). The irridescent faceted stone is highlighted by a Swarovski AB crystal flower and wire-wrapped flat crystals. You can easily see why this necklace is so hard for me to keep in stock! Day or evening - it is sure to catch someone's attention.

Turquoise & Amazonite $120.00 (Pendant Necklaces)
This should be called the Houdini necklace. Everytime I wear this piece, people think that it is wrapped around my neck like a choker. However, this is actually one tin cup necklace that is two pieces attached to a silver toggle clasp - a choker of Amazonite and and a longer part (also made of Amazonite) which incorporates the turquoise pendant. You put it on, just like you would any other necklace, and get ready to dazzle!

Zig Zag Turquoise Glass Bead $60.00 (Bracelets)
I like the zig zag pearls so much that when I found this glass turquoise bead that makes a tear drop zig zag pattern, I knew I had to make something out of it. The box-shaped clasp really pulled the whole look together.

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