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Domino $60.00 (Single Strand Necklaces)
This necklace is square cut and drilled through the middle. The squares strung together reminded me of the "domino effect." There is a versatility to this necklace that is hard to beat - whether it is in the dark color (abalone) or the light color (mother of pearl).

Coral Beads & Abalone $130.00 (Pendant Necklaces)
This necklace may have people stopping you on the street & asking where you got it. I started with four strands of beautiful coral-colored seed beads in matte, translucent, and silver-lined finishes. A detailed, carved pendant of abalone in the shape of a flower, is accented by a crystal in the flower's center. Everything about this necklace is a must see - the sparkle of the seed beads, the delicate beauty of the abalone pendant, the silver box shaped clasp. A wonderful gift!

White Flower w/ Leather $50.00 (Pendant Necklaces)
I tried to make my pendants stand out from the rest. This has a bali bead that has a small cubic zirconia stone that adds a bit of sparkle to the carved white flower. This is strung on black leather cord and finish off with a silver toggle (hook and eye) clasp.

Zig Zag Pearls & Flower $100.00 (Pendant Necklaces)
This pendant piece has a mixture of two kinds of abalone. The small flower is wire-wrapped with a Swarovski diamond-shape crystal. The zig zag pearls add a type of texture to this necklace and accentuate the abalone beautifully. The necklace is closed off by a silver toggle clasp. This necklace can be worn with jeans, as easily as it can be worn with a fancy dress.

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