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Cube Crystal & Copper-Lined Beads $100.00 (Bracelets)
This bracelet is my answer to the gold and silver problem. I used Swarovski cube crystals and combined them with copper-lined faceted glass beads. Both the crystal and glass bead have an AB coating that adds an extra bit of sparkle. If you are looking for something fun and fancy - this bracelet is the answer!

Garnet & Seed Bead $65.00 (Bracelets)
I had a red outfit and needed a bracelet to go with it. I used varying sizes of garnet. Then I mixed in a faceted tube bead. I wanted something a little more dainty than a cuff-style bracelet so I used a two-strand clasp. If you like garnet, you'll love this!

Memory Wire Swarovski Crystal $60.00 (Bracelets)
I never really knew what to do with memory wire. One day I was just playing around with it and came up with this design of large round Swarovski crystals and silver bali beads. There is such a sparkle to this bracelet. There is no clasp on this design - just put it on your wrist and go!

Pink Tourmaline $200.00 (Bracelets)
I fell in love with the color of this tear drop shape pink tourmaline. It is such a rich, deep color pink. The tear drops are faceted and, although they are small in size, they make up for their size in beauty and luster. I used a silver box-shaped semi-precious clasp.

Once my supply of these is used, I don't know that I will be able to replace the quality of this tourmaline. So, get it while you can!

Swarovski Crystal & Bali Beads $95.00 (Bracelets)
I wear this bracelet almost everyday because it truly goes with everything. I used 10mm clear Swarovski crystal AB cubes and interspersed silver bali beads. My daughter likes how this makes a rainbow effect on the roof of the car. I also combine this with a diamond tennis bracelet for a night on the town.

CZ Pendant $30.00 (Earrings)
I put these cubic zirconia pendants on a eurowire when I couldn't find my diamond earrings. I fell in love with the look and kept them in my personal collection.

Swarovski Crystal Cube & Bali Bead $30.00 (Earrings)
This is my most popular earring. The post is very unique and the 10mm clear Swarovski crystal AB cube adds a certain sparkle to your ears.

Swarovski Crystal Cube Post $30.00 (Earrings)
I have a lot of women tell me they don't like things hanging off their ears. Here is the answer to that problem - a beautiful cube crystal on a silver post. The cut of the crystal gives a prism-like effect giving off a rainbow of colors. These are 6mm in size.

White Pearl $25.00 (Earrings)
This is an earring that can be worn everyday. I wire-wrapped a pearl on a silver eurowire for a classic look.

Zig Zag Pearl $30.00 (Anklets)
I thought that the zig zag bracelets make such an impression on the wrist - wouldn't they look flashy on the ankle? So again, another product was born from an already existing idea. I use zig zag pearls that are a little bit smaller than the ones I use for bracelets. It adds that oh so sexy quality to the ankle.

Zig Zag Pearl & Bali Beads $45.00 (Anklets)
So, while playing around with the zig zag pearl anklets, I thought it would be fun to combine bali beads. I was really excited to see what a few bali beads here and there does to the look. This look is similar to the Tear Drop Crystal and Bali Bead bracelet - classy and flashy!

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