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Blue Chalcedony $165.00 (Bracelets)
This bracelet is the same style as the purple chalcedony - the tear drop shaped stone and box-shaped clasp. The color in this bracelet is a beautiful blue and works well with blues, grays, blacks - a variety of colors. It looks good if you are going out for the evening or out to dinner in an old pair of jeans.

Double-Drilled Pearls & Swarovski Crystal $70.00 (Bracelets)
I love these pearls because of their unique double holes, but wasn't really sure what to do with them! Then I got a call from someone who wanted me to make bridal party necklaces. After far too many combinations I came up with something I liked. Then I came up with this matching bracelet.

Geometric Double Pearl $130.00 (Bracelets)
This is a stunning, dramatic piece of pearl jewelry. If you have no patience with the traditional princess strand of pearls, you will love this bold geometric bracelet. I interspersed the unique, double-drilled diamond-shaped pearls with smaller round pearls -- top and bottom. The effect is like no other bracelet I've seen. While certainly dramatic, this is a very versatile piece of jewelry. You'll love it!

Lemon Topaz $145.00 (Bracelets)
This is my one of my favorite bracelets because the cut of the topaz gives this such a sparkle that they look like diamonds on your arm. I found a wonderful citrine box-shaped clasp to match.

Vermeil Bali Beads & Pearl $120.00 (Bracelets)
This bracelet is similar to the Pearl & Bali Bead with Gold-Filled Rondel necklace, but instead of silver I used vermeil bali beads. I often get asked to make things in gold. I use vermeil, unless otherwise requested, as a gold substitute. This is a classy, gold bracelet. A must see.

White Pearl & Bali Beads $95.00 (Bracelets)
This bracelet was made to compliment the Pearl & Bali Beads with Gold-Filled Rondels Single Strand Necklace (otherwise known as the YaYa necklace). So many of my mom's friends bought the necklace and wanted something equally as nice for their wrist.

This bracelet has silver bali beads with white pearls that are surrounded by gold-filled rondels. This bracelet can be used for any time - day or night.

Lemon Topaz $35.00 (Earrings)
This is a delicate semi-precious drop earring. The facets accentuate the stone and add a bit of sparkle. These can be worn as an everyday earring or for that special night out.

Swarovski Crystal Button Post $30.00 (Earrings)
I made these Swarovski crystals into earrings to match the button bracelet. You really have to see these to understand their brilliance. All the button earrings take on different colors depending upon what colors you are wearing.

White Pearl $25.00 (Earrings)
This is an earring that can be worn everyday. I wire-wrapped a pearl on a silver eurowire for a classic look.

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