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Swarovski Crystal Tear Drop $65.00 (Tin Cup Necklaces)
This necklace is sure to please. It combines pearls with Swarovski tear drop crystals. I used to make this necklace with mono colored crystals. Then one holiday season, I tried using two different colored Swarovski crystals together, and, much to my surprise, those necklaces were a sell-out. This is another one of those necklaces that can be worn with jeans or with fancy attire.

Triangle Glass & Bali Beads $55.00 (Tin Cup Necklaces)
Each of these triangle glass necklaces has a unique quality. The turquoise and coral triangles have flecks of color that add a certain sheen to the necklace. The black triangles have stripes that run through them that adds a certain depth. Each of the necklaces incorporates Swarovski diamond shape crystals, silver bali beads, as well as a silver toggle clasp.

Silver Chain & Bali Ball $90.00 (Single Strand Necklaces)
I love the look of a Tin Cup necklace and tried to find a way to use that to my benefit with chains. I took a very simple chain and tripled it and then wire-wrapped it through a large bali ball. I wear this as an everyday necklace because it goes with just about everything I own.

Silver Chain & Bali Bead $70.00 (Single Strand Necklaces)
This is a simple silver necklace. I used different kinds of bali beads, but I didn't want to go overboard and lose the beauty of the chain. This is worn as a choker and adds a touch of daintiness to any outfit.

Silver Granule & Swarovski Crystal with Bali Beads $180.00 (Multi-Strand Necklaces)
There is something unique about this necklace and yet I don't know why. It is a triple strand choker that I always get compliments on. I always sell out of it too. I used silver granules with 4mm diamond shape Swarovski vitriol crystal and bali beads. I like to use the Swarovski vitriol crystal because it takes on so many different colors that it is sure to enhance any blouse, as well as any dress you own.

Black Coral & Pink Flower $100.00 (Pendant Necklaces)
These magnificent pendants are about as much fun as you can have! I started with a gorgeous, bold pink pendant carved in the shape of a blooming rose, and added it to a hand-knotted string of faceted black coral beads. The facets on the black coral are intricate and small, and give off a subtle glitter; they are very light in feel. I topped this piece off with a silver toggle clasp. This beautiful piece will turn heads for sure.

Black Seed Bead & CZ $140.00 (Pendant Necklaces)
These tiny black seed beads are called "Charlotte seed beads." A surface has been cut into these beads to make it reflect light and sparkle a bit. I have no idea where the name Charlotte for this bead was derived. The CZ pendant with these beads makes for one sparkling necklace!

Semi-Precious Dangles $100.00 (Pendant Necklaces)
This is a simple, yet elegant necklace. The dangles are semi-precious faceted stones - blue chalecedony, smoky quartz, and lemon topaz. This necklace lends a bit of sparkle to any occasion an is always an eye-pleaser, as well as an attenion-getter.

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