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Citrine Tear Drop & Swarovski Crystal $130.00 (Tin Cup Necklaces)
This necklace was inspired by a sparkle top my daughter gave me as a present. It required something simple, yet elegant. The citrine drops are wire-wrapped between two flower-shaped vermeil bali beads. The round 4mm Swarovski Crystal added an extra bit of sparkle - all of which met with my daughter's approval.

Lemon Topaz & Swarovski Crystals $110.00 (Tin Cup Necklaces)
I made this necklace because of the popularity of the lemon topaz bracelet. Customers kept asking me if I had any items that matched the bracelet. If I duplicated the look of the bracelet, I thought it would be a bit pricey. So I came up with what I think is an elegant solution - lemon topaz mixed with the Swarovski diamond shape vitriol crystal.

Semi-Precious Dangles $100.00 (Pendant Necklaces)
This is a simple, yet elegant necklace. The dangles are semi-precious faceted stones - blue chalecedony, smoky quartz, and lemon topaz. This necklace lends a bit of sparkle to any occasion an is always an eye-pleaser, as well as an attenion-getter.

Lemon Topaz $145.00 (Bracelets)
This is my one of my favorite bracelets because the cut of the topaz gives this such a sparkle that they look like diamonds on your arm. I found a wonderful citrine box-shaped clasp to match.

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