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Tin Cup Necklaces
Designer tin cup necklaces using pearls, bali beads, swarovski crystal and other beautiful, unique materials by Gail E. Melichar.
Blue & White Pearls
Blue-gray pearls interspersed with white pearls lend themselves to a classy, yet fun necklace. This can be worn with jeans or used to dress up a plain dress. You could come up with a million places to wear this one.
Blue Chalcedony with Swarovski Crystal
This cut of blue chalcedony is both striking and delicate. I combined silver bali beads with Swarovski diamond shape crystals and a silver toggle clasp. This semi-precious stone is translucent in nature and goes with blues as easily as it does blacks, whites, and even grays.
Blue-Gray Pearls with Silver Dangles
This necklace features lovely blue-gray pearls. I place wire-wrapped silver ball dangles in between two pearls. The Swarovski crystal dangles give this necklace an added flair of fun for conservatives who are looking to branch out!
Brown-Lavender Pearl & Bali Beads
The uniqueness of this necklace is in the color of the pearls. It can be worn with almost any color you desire because the pearl itself takes on different qualities. To see it is to believe it. It looks good with blues, blacks, browns, grays - just to name a few. The flower bali bead is used to enhance the pearl's brilliance.
Carnelian with Faceted Pearls
This is the same Carnelian that is used in the Carnelian and gold dangle necklace, but I added my favorite pearls - faceted ones. The faceted pearls have a pink color but up against the Carnelian, they take on other elements. I used a silver toggle clasp to complete this necklace.
Carnelian with Gold Dangles
There are so many different colors to this cut of Carnelian, in addition to the orange hue. It gives off brown tones, as well as subtle reds and beige. The versatility of this necklace is endless when combined with the vermeil dangles and toggle clasp.
Citrine Tear Drop & Swarovski Crystal
This necklace was inspired by a sparkle top my daughter gave me as a present. It required something simple, yet elegant. The citrine drops are wire-wrapped between two flower-shaped vermeil bali beads and has a vermeil toggle clasp. The round 4mm Swarovski Crystal added an extra bit of sparkle - all of which met with my daughter's approval.
Faceted Pearl
Faceted pearls are my newest find. The faceted aspect of the pearl gives it just a hint of sparkle. The faceted pearls strung by themselves or with accent pieces, such as rondels or bali beads, are a real wonder to behold. You won't be sorry with any color you order.
Faceted Pearl & Rhinestone Rondel
This is a new take on my most popular necklace, the pearl and rondel. I fell in love with faceted pearls the minute I saw them at a trade show. When faceted pearls first came out, the colors were limited. Now, there is a plethora of colors. This necklace takes the same simple concept of two pearls that surround a gold rhinestone rondel and adds to it by incorporating faceted pearls and a vermeil toggle clasp.
Faceted Pearl & Swarovski Crystal
This necklace incorporates the beauty of faceted pearls with the delicacy of diamond shaped 4mm Swarovski Crystals and a toggle clasp. Faceted pearls, no matter what color, are a favorite of mine because the pearls take on an added brilliance.
Labradorite Tear Drop & Beige Pearl
Labradorite is a favorite of mine because it can be worn with almost anything. I fell in love with the shape of this tear drop labradorite, but it needed something to jazz it up. I mixed it with many different pearls before hitting on the right combination. The labradorite brings out little hints of opalescence in the beige pearl.
Lemon Topaz with Swarovski Crystal
I made this necklace because of the popularity of the lemon topaz bracelet. Customers kept asking me if I had any items that matched the bracelet. If I duplicated the look of the bracelet, I thought it would be a bit pricey. So I came up with what I think is an elegant solution - lemon topaz mixed with the Swarovski diamond shape vitriol crystal.
Multi-Colored Pearl
This necklace is a variation on the classic Tin Cup. These pearls have a beautiful irridescence to them. The pearls are approximately 8 - 9mm in size and are a spectacular sight. The multi-color of the pearls adds to the versitility as either a day or evening necklace.
This is a classic design of pearls hand-knotted on silk thread. If you are looking for a starter necklace, this is the one I always recommend. Start simple. I have never had a customer dissatisfied with the purchase of this necklace. In fact, I've almost always been guaranteed that the customer will come back for more!
Pearl & Rhinestone Rondel
This is one of my most popular necklaces. The design is simple enough - two pearls surround a rhinestone rondel. I've seen this worn with jeans, as well as evening attire. Nancy O'Dell (from Access Hollywood) saw the bracelet that goes with this on a friend of mine and she ended up with the matched set!
Peruvian Opal Tear Drops with Swarovski Crystal
I have always had an affinity towards blue chalcedony. At one of the gem shows I attended, I came upon these lovely gems which are called Peruvian Opals or Green Chalcedony. The cut of the stones has a translucent nature. Mixed with the Swarovski diamond shape crystals, this necklace is both elegant and subtle. I used a silver toggle clasp to finish it off.
Pietersite Tear Drop & Vermeil Bali Beads
I love the combination of the pietersite (although I have no idea how to pronounce the name properly) with the two different kinds of vermeil bali beads. This stone has all kinds of flecks of color - brown, beige, red, green and even blue - and possesses a quality that is indescribable. I matched this with a vermeil toggle clasp.
Smoky Quartz & Bali Beads
This is a faceted rondel piece of smoky quartz surrounded by round bali beads. This necklace is sure to enhance any brown, beige, gray or even black outfit.
Smoky Quartz Cushion Cut & Beige Pearl
I loved the name of this stone, "Smoky Quartz Cushion Cut." To me, they look like little diamond shaped pillows of smoky quartz. This can be worn for both daytime and evening affairs and coordinates well with a variety of colors. The beige pearls and silver flower bali beads makes for a great combination.
Swarovski Crystal Tear Drop
This necklace is sure to please. It combines pearls with Swarovski tear drop crystals. I used to make this necklace with mono colored crystals. Then one holiday season, I tried using two different colored Swarovski crystals together, and, much to my surprise, those necklaces were a sell-out. This is another one of those necklaces that can be worn with jeans or with fancy attire.
Swarovski Cube Crystal
This necklace is perfect for everyday wear, yet takes on a whole other appearance when worn with evening attire. The cube has an AB coating which refers to the aurea borealis qualities the Swarovski crystal takes on. The different colors that this necklace takes on will astound you.
Triangle Glass with Bali Beads
Each of these triangle glass necklaces has a unique quality. The turquoise and coral triangles have flecks of color that add a certain sheen to the necklace. The black triangles have stripes that run through them that adds a certain depth. Each of the necklaces incorporates Swarovski diamond shape crystals, silver bali beads, as well as a silver toggle clasp.
Turquoise Tear Drop & Brushed Gold
I have always loved the color blue, but I don't always like the blue that is found in turquoise. When I found this unique cut of tear drop turquoise, the first thing that struck my eye was the magnificent blue. I know a lot of designers use silver with turquoise, but this necklace with the brushed gold balls will make a statement the moment you walk in a room! I used a vermeil toggle clasp as a finishing touch.
White Pearl & Swarovski Crystal
White pearls can always be worn with anything, but by adding a diamond shaped 4mm Swarovski Crystal and silver toggle clasp - you've added a new spin to an old classic. This necklace can be worn for both day and evening attire.

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