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Single Strand Necklaces
Designer single strand necklaces using pearls, bali beads, swarovski crystal and other beautiful, unique materials by Gail E. Melichar.
Beige Pearl & Bali Beads
The beige pearl in this necklace, when combined with the flower bali beads, almost looks like it is a pure silver necklace. You have to see it to understand. It looks incredible with turtlenecks or blouses and can also be worn as a bracelet.
Blue Agate with Spool Bali Beads
This flattering piece features blue agate. It is a lovely, vibrant shade of blue, and has a wonderful sheen. The shape of the agate pieces reminded me of an hour glass - a convex indentation. I accentuated the piece with silver spool-shaped bali beads. It's sure to be a hit, especially with anyone who loves the color blue!
Blue-Gray and White Pearl
Blue-gray pearls interspersed with white pearls lend themselves to a classy, yet fun necklace. This can be worn with jeans or used to dress up a plain dress. You could come up with a million places to wear this one.
Brown-Black Rectangle Glass Bead
These glass beads have an irridescent nature which is why I have a hard time describing them. This necklace looks so drab until you put it on. It can be worn in so many different ways - you will truly be amazed. You can wear it as a choker, one long strand and one short, or two long. I had a customer who bought it to use as a belt and another one who used it as a multi-strand bracelet. It is multi-functional.
Carnelian Tear Drop
This necklace is made exclusively of faceted carnelian tear drop shapes, which line up in a subtle zig-zag pattern and drape beautifully at the base of the neck. The carnelian color is luxuriously rich, and the facets add an extra bit of sparkle. It looks fabulous with outfits in neutral tones or earth tones, and adds a dramatic counterpoint to the little black dress!
Copper-Lined Glass Bead
This was inspired by the multi-strand version of the copper-lined glass bead necklace. The irridescent nature of this glass bead, as well as the copper lining, add a hint of color and dazzle. I used a small glass bead inbetween each of the copper lined beads and a vermeil toggle clasp.
This necklace is square cut and drilled through the middle. The squares strung together reminded me of the "domino effect." There is a versatility to this necklace that is hard to beat - whether it is in the dark color (abalone) or the light color (mother of pearl).
Flower Swarovski Crystal & Faceted Pearls
This is my newest creation and most recent best-seller. I wire-wrapped the blue-gray faceted pearls with a flower shaped Swarovski crystal. This is meant to be worn as a choker.
Geometric Double Pearl Choker
This is a stunning, dramatic piece of pearl jewelry. If you have no patience with the traditional princess strand of pearls, you will love this bold geometric choker. I interspersed the unique, double-drilled diamond-shaped pearls with smaller round pearls -- top and bottom. The effect is like no other necklace I've seen. While certainly dramatic, this is a very versatile piece of jewelry. You'll love it!
Geometric Pearls
These pearls are so uniquely shaped! One of the pearls is in the shape of a rectangle and the other is a diamond shape. These pearls with opal diamond shaped 4mm crystals make quite a statement. This necklace can really be worn for any occasion.
Geometric Turquoise
This is really a fun turquoise necklace with clean lines & a little sparkle. The oval and rectangular turquoise pieces are delicately faceted to catch the light. The Swarovski diamond shaped crystals add a deep, intense, reflective blue counterpoint to the turquoise topped off with a silver toggle clasp. Eye-catching for sure!
Gold Pearl & Semi-Precious Stones
This necklace is almost the same as the gold pearl and tourmaline; however, I used semi-precious stones instead of tourmaline. I realized that not everyone is as in love with tourmaline as I am. So I used amethyst, peridot, clear quartz, and garnet with a vermeil toggle clasp. Somethimes I mix in some other semi-precious stones for a different flavor. And, like the gold pearl and tourmaline, this can also be worn around your wrist as a bracelet.
Gold Pearl & Tourmaline
When I first became a jewelry designer, this was one of the first necklaces I made. I mixed gold pearls with pieces of tourmaline. I combined all this with a vermeil toggle clasp and then presented the finished product to my mother as a holiday gift. A customer liked this necklace so much that she also started wearing it as a bracelet.
Gray Moonstone
I love the cut of the Blue Chalcedony tear drops that when I saw the cut of this gray moonstone - I thought it would great as a choker. There are facets in the tear drop that enhance the stone's beauty. It can be worn with gray, black, brown, white - just about anything because it takes on different colors. Put it on and make an old outfit new again!
Hand-Knotted Faceted Gray Pearls
This is a twist on the classic pearl necklace using faceted gray pearls. The pearls are hand-knotted and complemented by a silver toggle clasp. This necklace is sure to please anyone who appreciates the detail and look of a hand-knotted piece of jewelry.
Light Vitriol Swarovski Crystal Button
This necklace is a followup to my Swarovski Crystal Button Bracelet. Because I make the ornaments on this necklace myself, it is extremely labor-intensive...but an absolute show-stopper! Nothing has more sparkle than this; whenever I wear it I am always stopped. Color: Light Vitriol.
Machine-Cut Sterling Beads
These amazing sterling silver ball beads have an intricate machine-cut wave pattern that catches the light in an intense way. I spaced them with spool-shaped silver bali beads. Sure to draw comments from appreciative onlookers, this necklace looks great with jeans or dressed up. It coordinates with many of my sterling silver bracelets, too!
Multi-Colored Pearl
I thought these multi-colored pearls were very fun. So I made them into a long strand necklace with flower bali beads. This is great with turtlenecks. I also wear this as a bracelet. I combine it with the clear crystal cube bracelet and wear the two of them together.
Opalina Button
These are vintage glass beads that I found at a bead faire. I was told that the type of glass is referred to as "opalina" because of its opaque nature. This choker goes well with earth-toned articles of clothing, but can also be mixed with a black sheath dress to add a little spice.
Peanut Pearl
I named this necklace after the shape of the pearl - Peanut Pearl - because that is exactly how the pearls look. This is a stunning choker and can be worn on a night out or for work. The semi-precious box-shaped clasp can also be worn in the front to add a little bit of flavor.
Pearl & Bali Beads with Gold-Filled Rondels
This was a piece that was inspired by my mom and a group of her friends who call themselves The YaYa Sisters (after the book of the same name). This necklace has a very conservative look to it, but it can also be worn with evening attire. The flower bali beads are strung together and accentuated by pearls that are surrounded by a gold-filled rondel. This is another necklace that is hard to keep in stock.
Pearl with Chain & Rhinestone Rondel
This is another piece that was inspired by someone asking me to design a necklace for a wedding. This necklace incorporates the wire-wrapping technique with a bit of chain in between the pearls. A rhinestone rondel is set on top of the pearl that dangles from the chain. This necklace is not just for brides or bridesmaids - quite the contrary! It is for anyone who wants a spectacular looking piece of jewelry around her neck.
Silver Chain & Bali Ball
I love the look of a Tin Cup necklace and tried to find a way to use that to my benefit with chains. I took a very simple chain and tripled it and then wire-wrapped it through a large bali ball. I wear this as an everyday necklace because it goes with just about everything I own.
Silver Chain & Bali Bead
This is a simple silver necklace. I used different kinds of bali beads, but I didn't want to go overboard and lose the beauty of the chain. This is worn as a choker and adds a touch of daintiness to any outfit.
Swarovski Crystal Tear Drop & White Pearl
This necklace is similar to the hand-knotted tear drop Swarovski crystal necklaces; however, I don't use silk thread. For this necklace, I wire-wrap tear drop Swarovski crystals and highlight the piece with small freshwater pearls.

This necklace is usually worn close to the neck, but one customer liked the necklace so much that she bought two. Then she attached the toggle clasps to one another and make it a really long necklace.
Swarovski Cube Crystal & Rhinestone Rondels
I made this necklace for myself for my step-sister's wedding. I had a plain black dress that had tiny rhinestone straps. I wanted something that would show off the dress, but not be too much. I used 10mm clear Swarovski crystal cubes with the AB coating (rainbow effect) and put two rhinestone rondels in between the Swarovski crystals. The effect was delicious and very popular at the wedding.
Swarovski Tear Drop Crystal & Bali Beads
This necklace started as just a bracelet. I strung the flower bali beads together and spread tear drop crystals through it intermittently. One of my customers liked it so much that she asked if I could make a matching necklace. I liked the way it came out so much that I kept it as a part of my collection.
Swarovski Vitriol Crystal & Cube Pendant
I have sold so many of these necklaces right off my neck! The 4mm Swarovski vitriol diamond shaped crystal is mixed with flower shaped bali beads and a silver heart-shaped lobster clasp. The crowning glory to this necklace is the center Swarovski vitirol cube surrounded by bali beads.
Swarovski Vitriol Crystal & Silver Dangles
I once had someone call and ask me to make this necklace that they saw on one of my customer's. She described it to me as, "sparkling diamonds around the neck with a hint of silver." I used the 4mm Swarovski vitriol diamond shaped crystals with silver dangles and a silver heart-shaped lobster clasp.
Turquoise & Gold-Filled Beads
I made this necklace because a friend of mine is really into turquoise and gold and she told me she always found turquoise with silver and not gold. She settled for the next best thing - gold-filled beads and a vermeil toggle clasp. I liked the effect so much that I kept it as part of my collection and found others appreciate the gold mixed with turquoise as well.
Vitriol Octagonal Swarovski Crystal & Bali Beads
The shape of these Swarovski vitriol crystals is so great. When strung all together, the round bali beads enhance the octagonal form of the Swarovski crystal. I accentuated the Swarovski crystal with another different styled bali bead. This necklace is definitely a crowd pleaser.
White Pearl & Swarovski Vitriol Crystal
This delicate piece uses small white freshwater pearls and 4mm Swarovski vitriol diamond shaped crystals on elastikord. It is a classic look in small proportions.
Zig Zag Pearl & Bali Beads
Good things come in threes! This elegant pearl necklace features 3 unusual top-drilled "zig zag" pearls (I call them that because of the pattern they make) spaced by 3 silver flower bali beads. The glow of the pearls is accented by the rich detail of the Bali beads, and the overall effect is quite sophisticated & versatile. (This would make a wonderful bridesmaids' necklace!)

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