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Pendant Necklaces
Designer pendant necklaces using pearls, bali beads, swarovski crystal and other beautiful, unique materials by Gail E. Melichar.
Beige Pearl & Smoky Quartz
This necklace is similar to the white pearl and smoky quartz pendant necklace, but incorporates different bali beads. This, like the white pearl necklace, is hard to keep in stock. I think my customers like the fact that it is simple in design, yet elegant.
Black Coral & Hot Pink Flower
These magnificent pendants are about as much fun as you can have! I started with a gorgeous, bold pink pendant carved in the shape of a blooming rose, and added it to a hand-knotted string of faceted black coral beads. The facets on the black coral are intricate and small, and give off a subtle glitter; they are very light in feel. I topped this piece off with a silver toggle clasp. This beautiful piece will turn heads for sure.
Black Seed Bead & Cubic Zirconia
These tiny black seed beads are called "Charlotte seed beads." A surface has been cut into these beads to make it reflect light and sparkle a bit. I have no idea where the name Charlotte for this bead was derived. The CZ pendant with these beads makes for one sparkling necklace!
Blue Chalcedony & Swarovski Crystal
This lovely pendant necklace features faceted rondels of blue chalcedony, accented with Swarovski clear AB rondel crystals. The pièce de résistance is a large emerald-cut blue chalcedony pendant with a deeper shade of blue. I used a silver toggle clasp. Gorgeous and dramatic!
Blue-Gray Pearl & Amethyst
This is a simple design of blue-gray pearls and 4mm diamond shape crystals. The main feature of this necklace is a pendant that is oval in shape and contains a brilliant amethyst stone. I like wearing these pendant necklaces with open collar shirts and turtleneck sweaters.
Carnelian with Flower
My mom wanted a necklace that incorporated the latest pendant craze. I found these red stone pendants and combined them with faceted carnelian rondels. The silver chain is exquisite in detail. I wire-wrapped the Carnelian rondels and finished the piece off with fancy bali bead caps.
Coral Seed Beads with Abalone
This necklace may have people stopping you on the street & asking where you got it. I started with four strands of beautiful coral-colored seed beads in matte, translucent, and silver-lined finishes. A detailed, carved pendant of abalone in the shape of a flower, is accented by a crystal in the flower's center. Everything about this necklace is a must see - the sparkle of the seed beads, the delicate beauty of the abalone pendant, the silver box shaped clasp. A wonderful gift!
Faceted Pearls & Cubic Zirconia
I fell in love with this cubic zirconia pendant. It is so striking that I didn't want to detract from its beauty. So, I mixed faceted pearls with it and found it only enhanced the pendant. The CZ won't fool anyone into thinking its a real diamond, but its brilliance comes close! See it in beige, and in purple.
Hand-Knotted Pearl & Cubic Zirconia
Even though cubic zirconia isn't the real thing, I still love the sparkle that it adds to a necklace. Hand-knotting a necklace is always more labor-intensive, but I think it adds so much to a piece. These delicate pearl necklaces can worn be everyday.
Mother & Daughter Charm
I love these charms because it gave my daughter and I something special for the two of us to share. These are similar to the "best friends" necklaces. I tried to make these a little more elegant, for the mom involved, by using pearls instead of seed beads. The charms themselves are highlighted with Swarovski crystals. This is two necklaces for the price of one. Get 'em while they last!
Multi-Colored Pearls & Turquoise Flower
Given my affinity towards faceted pearls, I fell in love with the extreme variety of these. This strand exhibits colors of brown, gray, white, and green. I mixed a turquoise stone pendant with Swarovski clear crystal rondels and a silver toggle clasp as finishing touches. This piece is sophisticated yet playful!
Natural Coral with Flower
These magnificent pendants are more stunning up close and personal than they are as a picture! This piece features natural faceted coral rondels wire-wrapped with gold-filled chain. The carved pendant is accented with Swarovski crystals, and the vermeil toggle clasp is designed to be worn in front. It can be worn as pictured or closer to the neck, for a dramatic plunge!
Pearl with Lemon Topaz Drop
I created this necklace for someone who was getting married. She wanted something dramatic that plunged down her neckline because she had a very basic dress. The beige pearls are highlight by the wire-wrapped gold-filled chain. The focal point of this piece, of course, is the lemon topaz drop. The tear drop swirls to add a bit of brilliance to this already fabulous necklace. For an added flair, and for those who are more daring, sweep the lemon tear drop to the back of your dress!
Peruvian Opal on Leather Cord
The accent on this leather cord necklace is, of course, the peruvian opal (also known as green chalcedony). The irridescent faceted stone is highlighted by a Swarovski AB crystal flower and wire-wrapped flat crystals. You can easily see why this necklace is so hard for me to keep in stock! Day or evening - it is sure to catch someone's attention.
Photo Locket
I originally bought this square locket (7/8") because I finally had a picture small enough to put into a locket! I love this piece because the locket itself can be used for two pictures or you can put a picture on one side and dried flowers on the other. I put my favorite chain with this - the silver filigree. It gives the locket just the added touch it needed. I have had friends who have sold this necklace to total strangers. I gave it as a shower gift to my daughter's first grade teacher and she has become my best advertisement. Secure screw top with beveled glass. This locket is also available in a black gel cord (not pictured).
Red Faceted Pearls with Flower
Okay, let me start out by saying that red and I do not get along color wise. That being said, when I put this necklace on, no matter what color I am wearing, this is a piece to be reckoned with! These pearls are such a deep red and so stunning that everyone I know who has tried it on (and who also share my opinion of red), ends up purchasing this necklace and wearing it to death. The white bone flower pendant is a gently carved accent piece and the necklace is finished with a silver toggle clasp.
Seed Bead & Cubic Zirconia
This seed bead necklace with a cubic zirconia pendant is a knock-off (as my mother loves to phrase things) of the hand-knotted pearl necklace. I had someone who was looking for a simple, yet elegant necklace to go with a beaded top I sell. We both were stunned to see how this necklace went so exquisitely with everything!
Semi-Precious Dangles
This is a simple, yet elegant necklace. The dangles are semi-precious faceted stones - blue chalecedony, smoky quartz, and lemon topaz. This necklace lends a bit of sparkle to any occasion an is always an eye-pleaser, as well as an attenion-getter.
Swarovski Vitriol Crystal with Labradorite
This should be called the Houdini necklace. Everytime I wear this piece, people think that it is wrapped around my neck like a choker. However, this is actually one tin cup necklace that is two pieces attached to a silver toggle clasp - a choker of Swarovski vitriol diamond shape crystals and and a longer part (also made of crystals) which incorporates the labradorite pendant. You put it on, just like you would any other necklace, and get ready to dazzle!
Turquoise & Amazonite
This should be called the Houdini necklace. Everytime I wear this piece, people think that it is wrapped around my neck like a choker. However, this is actually one tin cup necklace that is two pieces attached to a silver toggle clasp - a choker of Amazonite and and a longer part (also made of Amazonite) which incorporates the turquoise pendant. You put it on, just like you would any other necklace, and get ready to dazzle!
Turquoise with Mother of Pearl
There is something so elegant about turquoise and white. I used a simple round turquoise bead and a beautifully carved mother of pearl pendant with a smaller abalone flower inside. A Swarovski vitriol diamond shaped crystal tops off the whole piece to bring the flower to life. The necklace is completed by a silver toggle clasp.
White Flower w/ Leather Cord
I tried to make my pendants stand out from the rest. This has a bali bead that has a small cubic zirconia stone that adds a bit of sparkle to the carved white flower. This is strung on black leather cord and finish off with a silver toggle (hook and eye) clasp.
White Pearl & Smoky Quartz/CZ
I can never keep this necklace in stock. The pendant almost looks like a picture frame surrounding the smoky quartz. Then I used elongated bali beads on either side of a faceted piece of smoky quartz and topped off the whole necklace with white pearls. Simple design - tremendous response.
NEW: This design with a Cubic Zirconia pendant! Just click the 'White with CZ' link underneath the picture to see it.
Zig Zag Pearls with Flower
This pendant piece has a mixture of two kinds of abalone. The small flower is wire-wrapped with a Swarovski diamond-shape crystal. The zig zag pearls add a type of texture to this necklace and accentuate the abalone beautifully. The necklace is closed off by a silver toggle clasp. This necklace can be worn with jeans, as easily as it can be worn with a fancy dress.

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