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Multi-Strand Necklaces
Designer multi-strand necklaces using pearls, bali beads, swarovski crystal and other beautiful, unique materials by Gail E. Melichar.
Copper-Lined Glass Bead
I fell in love with the irridescent nature of this glass bead. The copper lining of the bead adds a hint of color and dazzle. I used a clear irridescent bead inbetween each of the copper-lined beads and liked it so much that, by accident, I made it extremely long. Trying to work with my mistake, I doubled it and, voila, another necklace was born. This has a beautiful vermeil clasp with semi-precious stones.
Double-Drilled Pearls & Swarovski Crystal
I love these pearls because of their unique double holes, but wasn't really sure what to do with them! Then I got a call from someone who wanted me to make bridal party necklaces for her daughter's wedding. After far too many combinations I came up with something I liked -- a choker with these pearls, Swarovski crystals and a box-shaped clasp. The bride wore it in white, her bridesmaids in blue-gray, all with matching bracelets (also available).
Faceted Pearls & Silver Spacer Bar
I bought these silver spacer bars and never really found just the right material. Then I found these gray faceted pearls. The facets actually make the pearls look like they have silver running through them. The chunks of silver accentuates these pearls beautifully in a choker style necklace.
Gold-Filled Beads & Silver Bali Beads
I especially like this necklace because I can wear it with silver and gold and not have to commit to one or the other. I used gold-filled beads and silver bali beads with a triple-strand clasp. This also has a matching bracelet.
Pearl & Swarovski Crystal with Bali Beads
I was making a lot of Swarovski crystal bracelets with elastikord (like a lot of designers), but I wanted to expand it from the ordinary. I started using pearls with elastikord and then combined pearls with elastikord and 4mm Swarovski crystals and flower bali beads. I used an extender clasp so this can be worn as a choker or a more lengthy necklace. This piece was purchased by Access Hollywood.
Silver Granule & Swarovski Crystal with Bali Beads
There is something unique about this necklace and yet I don't know why. It is a triple strand choker that I always get compliments on. I always sell out of it too. I used silver granules with 4mm diamond shape Swarovski vitriol crystal and bali beads. I like to use the Swarovski vitriol crystal because it takes on so many different colors that it is sure to enhance any blouse, as well as any dress you own.
Swarovski Vitriol Crystal & Rhinestone Spacer
My friend inspired me because she needed something to go with a dress. Her instructions were simple - make a choker that, unlike a bridesmaid's dress, could be worn again. I used my favorite 4 mm diamond shaped Swarovski vitriol crystal and incorporated the rhinestone spacer and finished it off with a double-strand box-shaped clasp.
Triplet Pearl
This necklace was inspired by an antique necklace that a friend of mine had asked me to re-string. This piece used pearls and crystals with an extender clasp which allows you to wear a necklace either choker length or further down the neck. I used three different sizes of pearls or glass beads starting with small ones closer to the neck and graduating towards larger ones. I have worn this with casual outfits, as well as with a black slip dress.
Wire-Wrapped Pearl with Rhinestone Rondel
This is the very first necklace I ever sold to a store. I saw it on a woman in a restaurant. I introduced myself and confessed that I was the designer. She told me it was her favorite necklace and then asked if she could throw a jewelry party so all her friends could see my goodies!

This can be worn as a two-strand necklace or twist it and add a whole new dimension (more choker-like). The rhinestone rondels give the pearls a touch of sparkle.

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