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Lariat Necklaces
Designer lariat necklaces using pearls, bali beads, swarovski crystal and other beautiful, unique materials by Gail E. Melichar.
Citrine Octagonal with Carnelian Drops
These chunks of citrine are so impressive looking! They look like they have speckles of gold. The carnelian added just the right finishing touch by using two different shapes. This can be worn long and sexy dripping down into your shirt or up higher around the neck.
Pearl & Swarovski Crystal Cube Dangle
I love this lariat because it can be worn as a choker with the dangle hanging very low or it can be worn wide with less of a dangle. Its components make it sparkle like crazy! It has pearls, Swarovski crystals with the AB coating, flat bali beads, and then a descending dangle of a round Swarovski crystal leading to a clear Swarovski AB cube crystal. New: Now available in green pearls!
Pearl & Swarovski Crystal Toggle
This was a necklace that was more of an experiment, but I knew I had struck gold when even my boyfriend took notice! The Swarovski crystal dangles on the end of the necklace go through the toggle clasp and the design of the Swarovski crystal dangles keeps the lariat from coming undone. This necklace looks especially exciting on a low cut dress or unbuttoned blouse.
Seed Bead & Swarovski Crystal
This classic lariat with a clasp-free design can be worn in so many different ways that customers have shown me new ways to wear it. One customer showed me how she liked to wear the necklace with the dangles in the back because "her backless number needed a little sprucing up." I also like this design because you can wear it with a turtleneck or an open collared shirt or V-neck. I combined seed beads with crystals and find unique crystals for the dangles.
Silver Chain Clasp & Silver Dangles
This is one of those necklaces that reminds me of the old commercial "she told two friends and then they told two friends and so on and so forth..." Whenever someone has bought this necklace or when I am wearing it, it is always admired. It is a simple design that uses my favorite chain - the filigree, yet, unlike most lariat necklaces, it has a clasp. I also do this necklace with pearl dangles instead of the bali bead dangles.
Silver Chain Toggle Clasp & Swarovski Crystal Dangles
I wanted to find a way to make a true lariat necklace out of chain. This necklace uses a flat bali bead, which adds contrast to the delicate chain, and a toggle clasp. The Swarovski crystal dangles help to keep the necklace from coming undone. This is another necklace that looks great with low cut blouses or dresses.
Silver Lipstick
I found these lariat pendants at one of the trade shows and thought they added a certain funkiness to the necklace. The weight of the pendant secures the necklace so it won't come undone. Some customers had a hard time figuring out which way to put the pendant through the hole. My simple trick is to make sure the bottom looks like a tube of lipstick with the lipstick popping through the hole.
Zig Zag Pearl and Crystal Dangles
I never know what to call these pearls - I thought zig zag suited their design. I started using these as fun bracelets on elastikord and then graduated to this lariat design with glass bead dangles. My mom was wearing this necklace at Nordstrom's and a woman bought it off her neck! Stories like that are why I love to make jewelry.

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