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Eyeglass Holders
Designer eyeglass holders using pearls, bali beads, swarovski crystal and other beautiful, unique materials by Gail E. Melichar.
Hand-Knotted Swarovski Crystal
After I made one eyeglass holder design, I tried this style with the hand-knotted silk thread and round 4mm crystals. Again this is very simple and designed to go with anything.
Hand-Knotted Tiger's Eye
I started making eyeglass holders because my sixth grade teacher, now a good friend, asked me to make some for her. I made these very simple in design and material so they can go with anything. This design has round faceted tiger's eye and is hand-knotted on silk thread.
Hand-Knotted Turquoise
And once again, someone asked if I could do something, not only in an eyeglass holder, but with turquoise. So, I incorporated the round turquoise bead with these interesting copperish bali beads on hand-knotted silk thread.
Silver Chain & Crystal
So, not to be complacent, I tried using a fancy chain for the eyeglass holders and came up with this design. The 4mm diamond shape crystal with the bali beads adds just enough glitz without going overboard.

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