First, you are not alone! Almost every man I know is in the same boat.

Whenever I’m asked for advice about buying jewelry for a woman, there are certain questions I ask in return. I have found that these questions will really help you learn what to get that special someone, be it an assistant, co-worker, or loved one.

Even though I am “branching-out” and becoming a bigger entity, I still want to be able to offer the same assistance that I have been known for in the past. If you still have questions after reading this or want to add a buying guide tip, feel free to email me at

Remember, if the gift you purchase happens not to nail-it-right-on-the-head, you can exchange it within 30 days for something else. So, don’t stress too much!

Does she have a GEMs Wish List?
If she has been to the site before, she might have a Wish List. This is a foolproof way to know what she wants. Not sure if she has a Wish List? Then just click here and when you get to the Wish List page, search for her by her name or email address.

If she hasn’t made a Wish List, maybe you can give her our web address and tell her about this great site you or a friend saw (if you want to be a little coy – wink, wink). Or, just send her on over and tell her to pick something out. Women almost always love it when they have a say in what you buy. Then, she can be surprised by which piece you actually picked out from her Wish List.

What kind of jewelry have you seen her wear?
Is she more into pearls, semi-precious stones, or crystals? Do you ever see her wearing a necklace? A bracelet? Earrings – are her ears pierced or not? Sometimes women don’t like to wear necklaces; they find them too confining. However, they love to wear bracelets or the reverse could be true. There are no steadfast rules here. Just look at what she wears and this answer should come fairly easily. If she doesn’t wear any jewelry, a bracelet is probably a good place to start. Here's a tip from my Uncle: Listen to her. She has probably already dropped several jewelry hints!

What kind of clothes does she wear?
If she dresses in jeans all the time, you don’t want to buy her a piece of jewelry she can only wear to a fancy affair. Does she only wear dresses or business attire? Does she wear more blouses or turtleneck types of shirts? Our Tin Cup necklaces can be worn for fancy or casual attire because the necklace can be dressed up or dressed down. If she tends to wear more closed type of shirts, like turtlenecks, I recommend the longer necklaces, like lariats, single-strand necklaces that are longer in length, or perhaps a locket for her favorite pictures. You can always use my Personal Shopper feature and put in the appropriate categories.

Does she keep up with fashion trends?
If she is a fashionista, you might want to pick things that aren’t as ordinary. So, if you think she would like pearls but you feel that might be too much of a back number, buy her the latest thing – faceted pearls. Try a Bali Bead and Cubic Zirconia Rondel bracelet.

Does she wear more silver or gold?
Sort of a no-brainer. If she wears both, then pick one of our pieces that goes with both gold and silver. Nowadays, women mix and match silver and gold. So don’t get too hung up on this point.

Does she need something for a special occasion? Or, are you buying it for a special occasion?
If she’s going to a wedding or it’s your anniversary and you want to surprise her, you would want something more formal. Use my Personal Shopper and select the “formal” and/or “night out” options under the question “Is it for a particular occasion?”. Also check out the multi-strand necklace department or one of my fancier bracelets like the Lemon Topaz or Blue Chalcedony.

Is she short or tall? Does she have a petite or fuller figure?
Generally, smaller women look better in smaller things. For example, for a petite woman, I almost always recommend a Tin Cup necklace with smaller pearls rather than the larger pearls because it is better proportioned for her size. Stick with smaller size items, such as the smaller cube Vitriol Crystal Tin Cup necklace rather than the larger cubes.

If she has a fuller figure, look more toward the larger pearls and the larger cube Vitriol Crystal necklace.

If you aren’t sure whether she likes to wear choker-style necklaces, then opt for a longer single-strand like the Gold Pearl and Tourmaline or Gold Pearl and Semi-Precious necklaces. Lariats can be worn in a variety of ways accomplishing a choker-style, as well as a longer necklace.

Do you want her to think of you whenever she wears it?
Sounds funny, I know, but I usually tell guys to buy something that a woman will wear often so she will remember the bearer of the gift. A bracelet she wears everyday will remind her of you. When she receives a compliment on her jewelry, she will touch it and think sweet thoughts about the man who gave it to her! You may find that hard to believe, but take it from me, your average female, women do stuff like that all the time.

Who knows, maybe when she gets a compliment she’ll be all too happy to say, “Thank you, my (fill-in-the-blank) bought it for me at” Well, maybe she’ll just say thank you and not put in a shameless plug like that for me! Either way, it’s all good!

What if I still make a mistake, can she exchange it?
Yes. You (or she) can return it within 30 days from the date of purchase if the item is in perfect condition (determined at our discretion).

If all is well with the condition of the product, I will issue an "in-store" credit for the amount that was paid for the item (shipping and handling excluded). This credit must be used within six months from the date of issue. There is no restocking fee of any kind.

Custom and redesigned pieces are not returnable and non-refundable.