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Swarovski Vitriol Cube Crystal & Flat Bali Beads Bracelet features: Swarovski Vitriol Crystal, Swarovski  Cube Crystals, Flat Bali Beads, Heart-Shaped Lobster Clasp

Swarovski Vitriol Cube Crystal & Flat Bali Beads Bracelet

I needed a bracelet to match the Tin Cup Vitriol necklace. So, I used Swarovski vitriol crystal AB cubes and flat silver bali beads. I found that I could use this as an everyday bracelet (when I'm not wearing the clear cube Swarovski crystal bracelet). Length: 7.75 inches

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Swarovski Vitriol Crystal; Swarovski Cube Crystals; Flat Bali Beads; Heart-Shaped Lobster Clasp.

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