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Swarovski Crystal Tear Drop & White Pearl Single Strand Necklace features: Aquamarine, Swarovski Tear Drop Crystals, White Pearls, Heart-Shaped Toggle Clasp

Swarovski Crystal Tear Drop & White Pearl Single Strand Necklace

This necklace is similar to the hand-knotted tear drop Swarovski crystal necklaces; however, I don't use silk thread. For this necklace, I wire-wrap tear drop Swarovski crystals and highlight the piece with small freshwater pearls.

This necklace is usually worn close to the neck, but one customer liked the necklace so much that she bought two. Then she attached the toggle clasps to one another and make it a really long necklace. Length: 16.75 inches

This piece features: (click any link below to learn more)
Aquamarine; Swarovski Tear Drop Crystals; White Pearls; Heart-Shaped Toggle Clasp.

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