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Photo Locket Pendant Necklace features: Locket, Filigree Silver Chain, Heart-Shaped Lobster Clasp

Photo Locket Pendant Necklace

I originally bought this square locket (7/8") because I finally had a picture small enough to put into a locket! I love this piece because the locket itself can be used for two pictures or you can put a picture on one side and dried flowers on the other. I put my favorite chain with this - the silver filigree. It gives the locket just the added touch it needed. I have had friends who have sold this necklace to total strangers. I gave it as a shower gift to my daughter's first grade teacher and she has become my best advertisement. Secure screw top with beveled glass. This locket is also available in a black gel cord (not pictured).

This piece features: (click any link below to learn more)
Locket; Filigree Silver Chain; Heart-Shaped Lobster Clasp.

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