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Can you redesign jewelry I already own?

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Can I order an item in a differrent size?
Yes, of course. Please email me your request with any sizing information you can, along with your phone number, and we'll see what we can do. As with most custom work a small additional charge may apply.

What about in another color?
If you have seen a necklace that you like but you would like it in another color, email me and tell me if you saw a color on the website that you like (please be as specific as possible with the name of the item you say it on). I can't always match the exact color, but I can certainly try! As expected, an additional charge may apply.

Why might there be an extra charge to make a change?
There are some things that you just can't add to, for example, a Tin Cup necklace. Each necklace is hand-knotted, which is more labor-intensive then just stringing a necklace. I also can't just cut down a necklace that has been hand-knotted to make it shorter. It's silk thread and it would break - not to mention how blind I would go trying to untie those little knots!

Although you may have seen a color on another necklace that you like, I try and keep the style as true to the original as possible. For example, you may have seen a color on a smaller beige pearl, but I use a large pearl in the necklace you want. It makes sense that there will be added cost for a bigger pearl!

The bottom line is I will always try to be as reasonable as possible, that I promise.

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