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How do I take care of my jewelry?

Do you repair jewelry?

Can you redesign jewelry I already own?

Can you customize one of your designs for me?

What is your return policy?

The "Manís Guide to Jewelry Buying"

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Can I return a gift that was bought from you?
Yes. I understand that sometimes you receive something that just isn't you. You can return your purchase or gift item within 30 days from the date of purchase if the item is in perfect condition (determined at our discretion).

If all is well with the condition of the product I will issue an "in-store" credit for the amount that was paid for the item (excluding shipping and handling). This credit must be used within six months from the date of issue.

Custom, bridal orders, and redesigned pieces are not returnable and non-refundable.

How do I return something?
You must contact our office by email before shipping any item.

If you ship through the U.S. Postal service, you must address the package to Gail Melichar, insure the package for the item's value, and you must obtain a Delivery Confirmation Receipt form (a number from the insurance slip does not constitute a tracking number - the Delivery Confirmation Receipt is a separate form). Then, notify our office by email and give us the tracking information.

Make sure to wrap the item in a padded envelope.

Please do not attempt to fix a piece yourself (Crazy Glue will destroy most anything)! If you return a piece of jewelry, you may incur an additional charge if it looks like work other than our own has been done to it.

Is there a restocking fee if I return something?

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