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Pearls Need to be Restrung
Pearls that are hand strung on silk thread will eventually need to be restrung. Let’s face it, it is silk thread and just like a button on a shirt – thread breaks. Pearls should be restrung every 1 - 2 years, depending on the amount of wear and the exposure to hair spray, perfume, body oils, lotions, moisture, and perspiration they receive. These elements can wear and dirty the silk and cause a potential break point for the strand. Always take your pearls to a reputable place to be repaired.

Invest in Plastic Baggies
Sounds funny, I know, but keeping your pieces separated from one another helps to ensure their longevity. Gemstones can be particularly hard on other pieces of jewelry (like pearls). When you separate your jewelry into baggies (velvet or suede if you must), you keep them free from tangles and help prevent scratching.

Separate Your Jewelry
Keeping your jewelry altogether in a jewelry box can be catastrophic, as well as a burglar’s delight. My sister-in-law learned that lesson when her house was robbed. She had a beautiful Queen Anne armoire with all of her jewelry in it. The burglars emptied it drawer by drawer, and left nothing.

Clean Your Jewelry
You should clean your jewelry every now and then. You can make your own “dipping” solution with either warm water and a mild dishwashing detergent or, I prefer, the green bottle of Mr. Clean. Since you are making your own solution, use a toothbrush to get into those hard to clean areas or to clean gems on a Tin Cup necklace. To dry your piece, use a soft cloth. If you get the silk thread of a Tin Cup necklace wet, use a hair dryer on a low setting (cool even). But do not immerse pearls from a Tin Cup or a completely hand-knotted necklace into a solution!

Pearls Absorb Liquids
Pearls can absorb things like perfume. It is best to apply any makeup or perfume before putting on your pearls. Also, wiping your pearls with a soft cloth will maintain their brilliance and wipe off your skin's natural oils.

Tap Water is Evil
Bath or shower water is very harsh on jewelry, especially Elastikord. Remove your jewelry before using water and at night when you go to sleep. I know it sounds silly, but sleeping with jewelry weakens the materials.

Box-Shaped Clasps sometimes need adjusting
The spring and depression tab should be checked occasionally to avoid unexpected disengagement. You should listen for a click when engaging this kind of clasp.

If you find the clasp is not clicking the way it used to, insert something flat (like a screwdriver head) into the depression tab (not the part of the clasp with the whole). Gently push the screwdriver inbetween the bar and the bottom of the clasp and lift slightly. This should rejuvenate your clasp.

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